Radiation Research: A Continuing Legacy

This style of video is used for consolidating the history of an organization.  This video won 2 Telly Awards for Historical Relevance and Scientific impact.


Brian's Story - Holy Rosary Healthcare

This was a community interest story detailing the recovery of Brian Nowicki after a traumatic car crash. Brian was a compassionate interview with an amazing perspective.  It was an honor to film and edit his story.


Central Wellness - Xmas 2019


FALLOUT MAN with Tony Brooks

The story of atomic research and the individuals who have paved the way is one not often told.  Tony details growing up in the Shadow of the atomic testing in Nevada and goes through his time working in radiation research.

creative projects

Creative Projects come in all shapes and sizes. Understanding your genre is a challenge. From framing to timing being able to adapt to different film styles is truly something we relish at Earley Enterprises.  This video was part of a series of comedic shorts for the internet.