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•  Professional camera operator skilled in event, television, conference, & Indipendent film making

•  In House Voice Over recording, Effects, & Video editing

•  2X Wireless Lavalier Microphones Additional Receiver

•  2X Professional HD Cameras capable of shooting 1920X1080 (60i, 60p, 24p, 30p)

•  4k Mirriorless camera with prime lens package

•  2X HD Handheld field cameras (Not ideal for low light 1920X1080 60i, 24p 30p)

•  GoPro Hero 3 Black

•  Boom Pole & Shotgun Mic

•  64- Slider Dolly

•  H6 Audio Field Recorder

•  Backdrop Kit 10’ X 20’ (Black, White & Green)

•  8’ X 8’ Butterfly Frame (Opaque and white)

•  C Stands

•  Small Flag kit & gels

•  2X 3- Point Continuous Lighting Kit.  Fresnel & Softbank

•  2X Battery operated 1’X1’ Led Light panel 5600k

•  2- Point additional side lights

What Can We Do For You?

Not the biggest, nor the strongest video production house;  it’s our hunger that makes us competitive, and hunger my friends is the spice of innovation.

Here’s some of the important gear & services we offer.

Data is backed up up for alt the discretion of the editor.  On most jobs all footage and audio elements are backed up, but we do not guarantee supplemental or emailed data that is not developed here at Earley Enterpriss LLC.

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