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Filming on humanitarian project "Gardening for Life"  Still provided by Allen Peters http://www.spotlightads.com

Bona Agimus

“We do good things,” Simply put it’s our mission to do good work.

We all contribute differently in this crazy world.  Some are amazing masons, while others just happen to be phenomenal at eating at hot-dogs.  We film... Things... Stuff.... Ideas, anything but we’re not going to bite off more than we can chew!  We know we’re not the largest production house in the world so we work with your organization or business within the scope we can accommodate.  Whether your looking for a training video, commercial production, or a solid viral video, we got you covered with great video production.

Quality in Every Job

Earley Enterprises has had the pleasure of working with the following organizations.

Production Assistant

•  American Idol

•  Celebrity Motor Homes

•  CNN

•  Exxon Training Video

•  Nebraska “Feature Film”

•  Nutramax Cosequin

•  Scheels - “Big Horn Fly Fishing”

•  St. Vincent’s Healthcare

The Man Behind the Curtain

Yup that's what John Earley Looks like.  He also has a son with a very strong grip on his hair.

The happy-go-lucky daydreamer who founded a different kind of video production

John Earley attended Carroll College in Helena, MT for Communications and Public Relations 2006.  While in college John founded a short film festival that kindled his love for video production; however, his skills weren’t good enough to create a marketable product at his time of graduation.  So he returned to his home town of Billings, MT and tried to gain work in marketing. After refining invaluable marketing experience in Billings in the fields of graphic coordination in a news room, offset print production, and graphic design for a motorcycle shop, lightning struck and John realized his love for video wasn’t just an awkward college romance.  From there he slowly started building gear, inventory and clients.  Being self-taught John found the most valuable lessons from other media producers in the community as well as the opportunity to work on reality television crews and any work that came thru town.  In 2013 John had the opportunity to work on the Paramount film “Nebraska.”  Having grown and developed John continues to learn and evolve his video production every day.

Rex Radical - Behind the Scenes Photo by Preston Stahley: http://uncommondesign.com/

Shoot to Edit

•  Montana Office of Public Instruction

•  Montana Society of CPAs

•  Radiation Research Society

•  Gardening for Life

•  Billings School District #2

•  American Petroleum Institute

•  No Fun Guys Season 1